Police open investigation into Bronx college neighborhood vandals

(10/14/06) RIVERDALE ? Police and Manhattan College each launched investigations into repeated neighborhood vandalism, allegedly by some of the Bronx school?s students.
Marie Powers lives in the Riverdale area adjacent to Manhattan College and recently spent $8,000 on security cameras outside her home. After recording two suspected students smashing Powers? flowerpots, she says she gave the university the footage. Powers claims she has heard nothing back, but after News 12 The Bronx contacted the college, officials say an investigation began the moment they received the tape. Police opened an independent investigation of the incident when Powers filed a criminal complaint. Riverdale residents are livid over repeated destruction of private property. They say students who live off-campus in their development show no regard for the community, vandalizing holiday decorations and homes alike. Some neighbors complain they?ve been forced to tie or chain down belongings in front of their houses.