Police rally in support of injured officers who are expected to be fired

Police officers in Yonkers rallied Tuesday in support of four veteran officers who were hurt in the line of duty and are expected to be fired.
The Yonkers PBA and a number of supporters are demanding that the city does not fire the officers.
They say each of them has been with the department for about a decade or more and were all seriously injured in the line of duty.
News 12 is told the bottom line is city finances.
Christina Gilmartin, the mayor's spokesperson, sent a statement to News 12 saying, "Yonkers taxpayers have spent more than $6 million on 10 police officers who have been on injured leave an average of four years each. There is even an officer who has been out for seven of the officer's nine years on the force....By invoking Article 71, each officer receives a full salary, tax free, and continued medical benefits relative to their injury until it is determined whether they can return to work or should retire on permanent disability. There's nothing unfair about that."
Two of the officers' last days are Wednesday and the others' last day is Dec. 1.