Police say suicidal New City man may have snapped at sight of patrol cars

Police say they think the New City man who committed suicide during a standoff snapped at the sight of patrol cars coming down his driveway.
Police showed up at 53-year-old Gerard Gertz?s house Thursday morning because his psychiatrist wanted him committed. When police first got there, they were talking to Gertz in front of the house. But say they think when Gertz saw more police patrol cars coming down the driveway he snapped. Police say Gertz went back into his house and immediately started firing at police. Police say Gertz fired eight shots at them, spraying a bullet in the windshield of a patrol car and hitting another cruiser through the roof. Then, they say, Gertz shot himself.
Investigators and special officers were not sure if Gertz was dead or alive until they went into the house about seven hours after the standoff started. Neighbors say Gertz was a recluse. Police say his house was filled with garbage, there were animal skulls found on front lawn and debris all over the property. Police did not fire any shots and no officers were injured in the gunfire.
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