Pop-up store in Ridge Hill Mall offers free items to people in need

A pop-up store that recently opened at the Ridge Hill Mall in Yonkers is offering free goods to people in need.
For 10 minutes, those who register can walk through and pick up a selection of household items, hygiene products, clothing and décor.
The store stock consists of donations gathered by the organization Teens Under Construction.
Yocasta Jimenez, the organization’s CEO, says they aim to help struggling members of the community.
“As a teen parent, I was homeless at one time in my life. From that experience, I created the concept of Teens Under Construction,” said Jimenez. “I know what that feels like to struggle, so we just try to alleviate that for some of our families."
Jimenez says this is the third year the organization has offered the store. However, this is the first time they have hosted it at the Ridge Hall Mall.
Store runners say they anticipate serving over 500 families this week.
Shopper Keyna Green says she is grateful for the organization’s community service.
“Times are hard, and we don’t have money all the time to shop. There's a lot of things that we need,” she said.
Green is also volunteering at the store.
“You're supposed to give back. You don't always just take, and I have to teach my children how to be productive members in society,” she said.