Popular prevention center shuts down

Bronx residents were shocked to find out a popular prevention center on East 161st Street closed its doors Monday due to state budget cuts.
Neighbors say the National Development Research Institute provided the community with invaluable services, like food stamps, housing application assistance and drug abuse kits. Diane Price, who worked as the field manager at the NDRI, says she spent most of her time on the streets helping people. According to Price, people at a well-known drug hub inside the 161st Street Mall food court will suffer without the kits to help them get clean.
Workers in the Hunts Point area, which is another popular drug spot in the Bronx, say the NDRI helped clean up the neighborhood. More than 200 people were admitted to drug rehabilitation just last year because of the NDRI?s efforts.
A group of three women claimed the NDRI provided them with help kicking their drug habits and finding permanent homes, as well as free condoms and information about HIV.