Port Jervis parents: School-provided home lunches include slimy bologna, discolored veggies, moldy bread

Parents in Port Jervis say the school-provided home lunches they received for their children is not up to par.
They took to social media and sent News 12 photos of what they say is moldy bread, discolored vegetables, slimy bologna and not enough food. 
The free or discounted meals are being delivered to families by the district during virtual instruction. 
Allison K. wrote to News 12 on Facebook saying, “I have four children and received two sandwiches, three cereals, four milks, one fruit rollup and four string cheese. Peanut butter and jelly is unmarked. Bologna smells and is slimy. This is two days’ worth of food.” 
So far, calls from News 12 to the Port Jervis School District for comment have not been returned.