Poughkeepsie car crash leads to power outages

A car crash in Poughkeepsie took down multiple power lines earlier this week.
City police say it happened shortly after 10 p.m. on Tuesday when a car crashed into and knocked down a utility pole around 283 Church St. The fallen power lines caused a large portion of Virginia Avenue to lose electricity for a bit.
Police say the 911 dispatch claimed the driver was possibly unconscious, but when police, firefighters, and EMTs arrived, they learned the driver had gotten out of the car and ran to a house at 5 Virginia Ave., where he seemed to be friends with the residents.
The driver was treated at the scene and sent to a local hospital. Tow operators were able to move the car after Central Hudson utility workers removed the downed wires.
The accident is still under investigation. If you have any new details, contact City of Poughkeepsie Police at 845-451-7577.