Poughkeepsie police work to remove guns off streets amid year of increased gun violence

Poughkeepsie police say they have been working hard to remove guns off the streets amid a year of increased gun violence throughout the city.
Poughkeepsie Police Captain Richard Wilson says removing a loaded Uzi-style gun off the streets on Thursday was a small win towards a bigger goal.
"It was a win, if you will. A small win, and we'll take them as they come," he says. "The small wins mount up after a time. It can really show that we're making progress in what we're trying to achieve here."
The city is dealing with 15 shooting incidents this year—higher than last year’s 11.
Police say removing weapons is one key way to fight gun violence. They tell News 12 they've recovered seven long guns and 29 handguns this year alone.
Wilson says residents can also play a role in making streets safer.
"It's very important we work in the spirit of cooperation with our community. The police can't do it alone, the community can't do it alone. But together we can make significant strides in trying to put a dent in this," he says.
Police say a security guard at an apartment complex called 911 to report they had been threatened by someone with an Uzi type of gun.
Officers found the alleged suspect, 23-year-old Maceo Lewis of Poughkeepsie, a mile away. The pursuit ended with a struggle near the Astor school in the city with children playing outside.
"The school did a tremendous job, ushering them inside and going into a lockout," Wilson says.
He adds they're looking into Lewis' involvement in other incidents.
Lewis is facing two felony counts of criminal possession of a weapon and a misdemeanor of menacing.
Poughkeepsie police say this is the 36th gun removed from city streets this year.