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Poughkeepsie restaurant owner says COVID-19 mandates crushing business

A tough financial year got harder for Mahoney's in Poughkeepsie.

News 12 Staff

Mar 11, 2021, 11:28 PM

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A local restaurant owner says the COVID-19 mandates are crushing business.
A tough financial year got harder for Mahoney's in Poughkeepsie.
A few months back, the Irish pub lost its liquor license after serving a State Liquor Authority agent alcohol – without a food order.

"My wife and my two daughters are nurses. And I understand the health and safety of everyone but some of the rules, I can't understand why. It seems like they're targeting restaurants," says owner Emmett Woods.
Woods says his restaurant has tanked 70% this year between shutdowns and mandates

 - and even easing capacity restrictions aren't much help for him.

"People can't get to 75% because they still have to keep a 6-foot distance," he says.
Some state lawmakers are working to repeal the governor's mandate to order food with alcohol.


he nearly two-decade old business is back serving the cold stuff - only after pleading guilty to breaking the mandate and paying thousands of dollars.
In order for the mandate to be repealed, it would need a simple majority vote in both houses but would not need the governor's signature.

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