Power & Politics: Combatting antisemitism in New York

According to Gov. Kathy Hochul, antisemitic acts of hate are on the rise across New York state. The Anti-Defamation League's annual report found a more than 30% jump in the number of antisemitic incidents nationwide last year from the year before. It's a troubling trend particularly as millions of Jews statewide are recognizing their High Holidays.
State Sen. Bill Weber, who represents the 38th District – which includes parts of Rockland County – joins Jonathan Gordon to discuss the disturbing trend.
Michael Mittelman, the chair of the Westchester Jewish Council's Antisemitism Committee, also joined the show. The organization works closely with more than 130 other groups to safeguard Westchester's Jewish communities.
He was asked what was needed from a legislation standpoint to pushback against antisemitism.