Power & Politics: Tensions reach boiling point in Israel-Hamas war

Rabbi Jeshayahu "Shai" Beloosesky and Rep. Mike Lawler discuss the Israel-Hamas war and and it's impacts at home.

News 12 Staff

Oct 22, 2023, 4:52 PM

Updated 270 days ago


The war between Israel and Hamas now enters its second week without a clear path to peace in place. Tension has increased both overseas and at home with the threat of a much larger conflict looming.
Joining Jonathan Gordon this week is Rabbi Jeshayahu "Shai" Beloosesky, who leads Temple Avodah in Oceanside on Long Island. Rabbi Shai is an Israeli native and former colonel in the Israeli Defense Forces.
Also, Rep. Mike Lawler gives his perspective on the situation overseas, the president's visit and addressing hate at home.
The congressman also addressed the House speakership battle that has dragged on for weeks and how it is affecting aid to Israel.

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