President Obama: US government underestimated Iraqi terror group ISIS

President Barack Obama says the U.S. government underestimated ISIS. 
The president opened up about the Iraqi terror group during an interview on CBS's "60 Minutes" Sunday as the U.S. and Arab allies continued airstrikes in both Syria and Iraq through the weekend. However, ISIS still managed an advance in Syria, near the Turkish border. 
Turkey is still not a military partner in the terror fight. Some European countries have joined the coalition, but won't touch Syria. 
Obama also said that America is leading the cause once again. "We have capacity no one else has. Our military is the best in the history of the world, and when trouble comes up anywhere in the world, they don't call Beijing, they don't call Moscow, they call us. That's how we roll. And that's what makes this America." 
Americans seem to be on the same page. A new CNN/ORC poll shows that 73 percent approve of the airstrikes, but about the same amount feel the U.S. will likely have to send ground troops. Fewer Americans, at 61 percent, are confident that the U.S. will succeed in its goal of degrading and destroying ISIS. 
House Speaker John Boehner has also weighed in, demonstrating bipartisan support for the mission. "We have no choice. These are barbarians. They intend to kill us," he said. "And if we don't destroy them first, we're going to pay the price."