Professor: President Trump’s decision to ban TikTok may make it more popular

Pace University professor Isaac Vaghefi who says Trump is giving TikTok priceless, free advertising

News 12 Staff

Sep 22, 2020, 5:12 PM

Updated 1,401 days ago


What does President Trump's controversial decision to ban downloads of TikTok mean?
Pace University professor Isaac Vaghefi says on the one hand, it's priceless, free advertising for TikTok that will likely make it even more popular.
On the other hand, this type of intrusion into the marketplace could hurt the U.S. economy down the road with startups more wary of coming to America. "If I'm a decisionmaker in a company not based in the U.S., and I see this decision, I certainly am gonna have to re-think my decision," says Vaghefi.
There's a lot of concern about protecting your personal information with TikTok because of its links to the Chinese government. However, Vaghefi does point out he doesn't believe TikTok poses any more of a threat than any other social media site.

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