Prosecution presents more evidence in New City murder trial

The prosecution called more witnesses to the stand Monday in the case against a day laborer accused of killing a New City woman.
Ronald Douglas Herrera-Castellanos, 30, is on trial for raping, stabbing and strangling Mary Nagle to death while doing work at the residence last April. On Monday, two Clarkstown detectives who interviewed the defendant took the stand. In addition, five women testified that they received vulgar phone calls from Nagle's cell phone after she was murdered. One of the women who testified was Nagle's sister. The prosecution contends the calls were made by Herrera after he murdered Nagle.
The prosecution is expected to call the medical examiner to testify Tuesday, which will likely wrap up its case. There is also a possibility that Herrera will take the stand.
Herrera is charged with 15 counts of first and second-degree murder.
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