Psychologist gives tips for spending Thanksgiving alone

Many people are spending Thanksgiving without their families this year due to coronavirus concerns, leaving some lonely.
Psychologist Dr. Harris Stratyner says people should use the time alone to enjoy themselves.
"This is an opportunity where we can focus on ourselves, we don't have to run around trying to please family," says Stratyner.
He says that doesn't mean not looking out for those less fortunate.
"If you're one of those people who is poverty stricken or lost a job etc., take this opportunity to try and replenish your soul. You don't have to believe in God, but you should have some power greater than yourselves," says Stratyner.
Stratyner says it is always good to keep a sense of humor.
"Next year, when we have Thanksgiving and my mother starts to yell at me, or my aunt Bertha, I'll be able to say 'Last year, I really had a nice time by myself,' but we'll appreciate them more," he says.