Public Advocate Letitia James reveals police body cameras

New Yorkers are being given a first look at the body cameras that NYPD officers could soon be wearing.
Public Advocate Letitia James debuted the technology, which she says would help solve complaints against the police department by providing an objective recording of all police-civilian interactions.
The camera is small, weighing just 3 ounces, and would be worn on an officer's lapel or belt. They can record between four and eight hours of record time on one charge, and can store 45 hours of record time. 
The cameras, which sell for between $450 and $900, can record both audio and video with one click of a button. The cameras would be funded by taxpayers' dollars.
James is pushing for a pilot program that would first equip police precincts that have the most crime and complaints, such as the 40th and 44th precincts in the Bronx.