Public Advocate Letitia James urges NYPD to use body cameras

Public Advocate Letitia James is urging that NYPD officers be equipped with body cameras.
James says the NYPD should have the cameras attached to their officers to bring truth to a situation where police say one thing and a civilian says another.
James claims other police forces across the country equip officers with cameras. She says a city in California experienced an 88 percent drop in police complaints in one year after body cameras were instituted.
If the NYPD implements the cameras, they'd first only go to the top 15 percent of precincts with both the most crime and the most complaints against officers.
The cameras would cost the force $5 million. James says the fee is a far cry from what the city paid out in settlements last year to New Yorkers who filed complaints against the NYPD and won $152 million.
James is hopeful that the pilot program could start at the beginning of next year.
The NYPD says it is exploring the feasibility of having body cameras on officers.