Push for NY grocery store wine sales a concern for liquor store owners

Tony Russo, the owner of Aries Wines & Spirits in White Plains, opposes this potential move.

Jade Nash

Feb 3, 2024, 4:29 PM

Updated 170 days ago


Selling wine at grocery stores in New York is among the issues up for discussion in the 2024 legislative session.
However, some local wine and liquor store owners are concerned that this latest push to get wine in grocery stores could put them out of business.
Tony Russo has owned and operated Aries Wines & Spirits in White Plains for more than 30 years. The alcohol expert is one of many local wine and liquor store owners who say they are concerned about the latest push to get wine into grocery stores.
"This is a battle that we have been fighting for many, many years. We're obviously, diametrically, opposed to this... because it would put us out of business," Russo said.
The bill that would bring wine into grocery stores is sponsored by State Sen. Liz Krueger. In a statement, Krueger said that she's "been championing this issue – allowing consumers to buy wine in their local grocery stores – for many years."
However, if her bill passes, Russo fears that his customers would lose out on a unique, local shopping experience.
"I carry probably seven or eight Sauvignon Blancs from New Zealand... When God forbid this bill goes through, you know how many you'll get? One. Maybe two...And they'll tell you which one to have," Russo said.
Some shoppers that News 12's spoke with say they would prefer to see wine sold in the grocery store.
"Other states, you can do a one-stop shop, so I don't see a reason why not," David Ison said.

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