Report: Drug overdose deaths on the rise in New York

A new report from the city's health department says drug overdose deaths have increased in New York.
The department says statistics from 2013 show the largest number of heroin deaths in a decade. The Bronx had the highest rate of heroin-involved overdose deaths.
From 2010 to 2013, the rate of general overdose deaths increased by 41 percent. And besides heroin, the health department says the Bronx has the second-highest rate of prescription painkiller deaths of all the boroughs.
Because of the statistics, the health department says it is taking a multi-pronged approach in the Bronx. They will be visiting health care providers to educate them about safe prescribing practices.
As for the heroin, all FDNY fire engines and ambulances as well as police officers will carry an antidote for heroin overdoses. The emergency responders have been trained on how to administer the antidote.
All paramedics now carry the treatment when responding to serious medical emergencies.