Report: Many BX teens pregnant despite resources

A new report released by the public advocate reveals that the Bronx has a high number of pregnant teens, despite available medical resources.
Statistics show that the rate of teen pregnancy in the Bronx is double the national average, according to the report. However, there are health clinics scattered throughout the borough that provide free or low-cost condoms, birth control and the morning-after pill.
Dr. David Collymore says many teens don?t know that such resources are available, leading to the high pregnancy rate. Collymore also says there is sometimes a stigma attached to getting treatment.
?Teenage females may not be comfortable reaching out on their own and they may not know these things are available without the consent of their parents,? Collymore says.
Experts say education is the key to teen pregnancy prevention. Some experts believe education should start in the pre-teen years. Collymore adds that teaching teens to have higher expectations can also prevent teen pregnancy.