Residents, immigration leaders hopeful following President Obama's announcement on taking executive action

Residents and immigration leaders say they are hopeful following President Obama's announcement that he is ready to act on immigration reform alone if he has to.
Obama said he will not wait for House Republicans to take action on immigration reform, and will use executive authority without Congressional approval if necessary. The announcement came after House Speaker John Boehner told the president he would not bring an immigration bill to a vote this year.
The president said that he will ask for emergency funds from Congress to secure the border. The measure comes on the heels of a rash of undocumented children crossing the border alone.
Lucia Gomez, executive director of nonprofit La Fuente, says his actions are bittersweet.
She says the sweet part is that the president is taking matters into his own hands, but she fears his actions could lead to more deportations and families being separated. Gomez says if Obama takes executive action, he will have to provide administrative relief for those families who have children that were born in the U.S. or have children that qualify under the Dream Act.
Obama will meet with his Cabinet at the end of the summer to hear recommendations for executive actions.