Residents petition to move MTA's BxM 11 bus stop along Pelham Parkway due to safety concerns

People are petitioning to have a bus stop along Pelham Parkway moved, claiming the site is not only inconvenient but also dangerous.
The BxM 11 bus stop is on Boston Road and Thwaites Place, along the north side of the parkway. Senior citizens who live on the south side say it is a big problem because they have to walk all the way across the parkway, which has a lot of traffic, to get to the stop. They say it is also poorly lit and in an isolated area.
The stop used to be on White Plains Road between Pelham Parkway North and South, which they say was far more safe and convenient for all residents. The MTA moved the stop to its current location in 2012, and since then community activists and concerned residents have been fighting to add another stop on Boston Road and Pelham Parkway South.
The group has collected over 800 signatures, and say it would really improve their quality of life.
One resident told News 12 The Bronx that the MTA has rejected all of her suggestions, saying a new stop would be inconvenient. She says she will keep fighting until the south side stop is finally put into place.