Residents push for reopening of Highbridge park

Residents of one Bronx community are pushing the city's Department of Parks and Recreation to reopen a Highbridge park that has been locked off for decades.
Corporal Fischer Park, dubbed "The Park That Isn't," is a half-acre plot on the corner of Nelson Avenue and 170th Street.
The lot is owned by the Parks Department, but is kept locked up because officials say it is underdeveloped.
Community Board 4 has been making efforts to reopen the park for years. Members say their primary concern lies with the children who play in their buildings' hallways or on the street, instead of a safer environment like a park.
Parents say other local parks are more dangerous.
A Parks Department spokesperson says they plan to attend Community Board 4's meeting on the matter in January. They also say the park is in a community parks improvement zone, and has been designated to receive funding.