Residents worried about dangers lurking at vacant site

Residents in one Bronx neighborhood say an abandoned construction site has not only caused a major eyesore, but it has also created unsanitary conditions.
Residents living on Giles Place are concerned about the piles of garbage, colonies of rats and exposed rusted bars that are now part of an abandoned construction site. "It's really not pleasant to walk down that side of the street, so a lot of people resort to walking in the street. And I mean...that's dangerous," said resident Judy Baier.
The owner of the property scrapped his plan to build a six-story building after new zoning laws implemented in 2004 mandated only one or two-story dwellings be built on the site. All that is left on the site is a foundation.
The Department of Buildings issued an emergency declaration in July to have the partial foundation removed. But residents say nothing has been done. Department of Buildings officials say the matter has now been handed over to the Department of Housing and Preservation. They say demolition should begin soon.