Revised plan for VA hospital in Montrose worries veterans

A new plan for the VA hospital in Montrose has some veterans concerned even though it may lead to improved health care services.
Included in the Department of Veteran's Affairs latest proposal is the possibility of new, more modern buildings for some short-term residence programs and outpatient services. In addition, the VA hospital at Castle Point may be entirely rebuilt. The new plan, which angered many veterans, differs from the original one previously drawn up in 2003. Still some veterans say they are worried that additional changes to the hospitals may hurt the quality of care they receive.
In a statement released by Congressman John Hall, who sits on the House of Veterans Affairs Committee, "Any options considered by the VA for the future of Montrose and Castle Point must improve care for veterans."
Meantime, the director of the VA's Hudson Valley Health Care System says specifics of the plan still need to be worked out. He says it could take five to 10 years before any changes are made.