Rockland County first responders step in to pump water from homes affected by storm

News 12's Diane Caruso talked to first responders about pumping out homes and helping people get out of their cars due to flooding. 

Diane Caruso

Jan 10, 2024, 10:30 PM

Updated 193 days ago


Firefighters in Rockland County helped pump water out of homes on Wednesday after the storm.
News 12 saw the Piermont Fire Department on Piermont Avenue Wednesday afternoon getting water out of houses there. 
News 12 was told they had already helped four other homes and expected to assist more when the tides changed later in the day. 
"We got a crew of people during the day. A crew of people at night," said Daniel Goswick, with Piermont Fire Department. "They're working hard to help the residents of the village of Piermont." 
Both Hillcrest and Thiells fire departments had several incidents throughout the night related to the storm.
Many dealt with either getting water out of homes or helping people get out of their car stuck in the floods. 
"We try to do the best we can to help them in that moment, but we know that the issues are far from over after we leave," said Orin Ben-Jacob, with the Hillcrest Fire Department.
"It's a great feeling knowing that we're helping our people in our county," said Jeffrey Kahn, with Thiells Fire Department. "But for them, it's a tough day, ya know? It could be scary. You're stuck in a car with water pushing your car down the road or taking on water. "
First responders emphasized the importance of not driving through floodwaters. 
All firefighters in Rockland County are volunteers. 

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