Rockland County nursery down to its last Christmas trees as holiday approaches

News 12 checked out Christmas trees at a long-time nursery in Rockland County ahead of the holiday on Monday .
Down to Earth Living tells News 12 they have sold hundreds of Christmas trees and have about 5% left.
All of their tall trees have been gone for the last few weeks.
"In terms of total sales of cut trees, for ourselves, that has declined over the years," said owner Stuart Leventhal, who added that's because people are instead buying artificial trees, which the business also sells.
According to a survey from the American Christmas Tree Association, 77% of Americans will have an artificial one.
Leventhal says these trees stand for much more, "A Christmas tree, I've always defined as memory lane. Because everyone's tree is populated by ornaments that have been collected on vacation, that the aunts and uncles, mommy and dad, have provided."
The National Christmas Tree Association estimates 25 to 30 million are sold in the United States each year.