Rockland exec puts stamp of approval on 2007 budget

Rockland County Executive Scott Vanderhoef says no vetoes will be made to the 2007 budget.
The Legislature approved the $647 million plan Tuesday night. Vanderhoef says they negotiated a budget of compromise. The Legislature had concerns about the three-eighths of a percent sales tax increase. The concerns were not on imposing the tax increase, but whether how much revenue it will actually generate. Vanderhoef says a back-up plan was initiated where about $4.5 million would be kept in a reserve. He says it won?t be spent until the correct projections come forth in 2007.
The $4.5 million will be taken from cuts made by the Legislature. The sales tax increase still needs to be approved by the state. Vanderhoef says the projected revenue will also aid towns and villages with police departments. Vanderhoef plans on signing the new budget Wednesday.