Rockland Highway Dept. works to remove leaves, clear out debris to prep for next storm

The Rockland County Highway Department was hard at work getting ready for the next storm once the rain ended Wednesday.
News 12 was there as a crew worked to remove leaf buildup in a culvert and clear out debris from catch basins near College Road and Bina Lane.
The crew had gone to six other spots in the county Wednesday before News 12's cameras caught up with them.
"We keep the water flowing. It also keeps the hazard off the road. So we don't have accidents,” said Kevin Smith, assistant general foreman with the Rockland County Highway Department. "Helps avoid flooding. Property damage. Road damage."
Smith tells News 12 that the roadway has had several inches of water in the past.
News 12 was told the county maintains a total of more than 3,500 culverts and basins.