Rockland judge rules that man accused of Monsey Hanukkah attack will be placed in facility for mental help

A Rockland judged ruled Wednesday that the man accused in the Monsey Hanukkah attack is not fit to stand trial and will be sent to a New York facility for at least a year until he is able to.
Grafton Thomas was being treated in Missouri and has been through multiple psych evaluations. Thomas' attorney, Michael Sussman, believes treatment could be extended in the future at the direction of the mental health commissioner.
Thomas is accused of attacking several people with a machete during a Hanukkah party in Monsey back in December 2019. One of the victims, 72-year-old Josef Neumann, succumbed to his injuries a few months later.
Thomas' family was in court during the 20-minute hearing. He is facing a slew of charges including second-degree murder, attempted murder and more.
Thomas is also facing federal charges - but the case has been put on hold.