Rockland police deal with thefts of biblical proportions

Police are investigating a crime wave involving the theft of baby Jesus statues from several lawns in Suffern and Haverstraw.
Police in Suffern recovered two stolen statues Tuesday that were taken on Christmas Day. Police say a note was left in the mangers at both houses that read, ?Jesus never graduated high school,? and was signed, ?The Opiates.? A quick-thinking detective found the two statues underneath a sign at the entrance to Suffern High School. Three statues were also reported stolen in a Haverstraw neighborhood. Police say the same note was left in those cases. Haverstraw police recovered another set of baby Jesus statues under the entrance sign at North Rockland High School.
Police say about seven figures were stolen in Haverstraw last year, with the thieves leaving the same note. All the statues were returned and the notes are now evidence. Police hope they have something to lead them to the thieves.
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