School Spirit Showdown: Anne M. Dorner Middle School

Our third School Spirit Showdown winner takes us to the Ossining Union Free School District.
A dance line isn't a normal part of the Anne M. Dorner Middle School's curriculum, but when your district is a School Spirit Showdown winner, there's always time to tango.
The school broke out the dance line after they secured News 12's third week title, earning over 13,000 votes.
The middle school students say district-wide there's a unique relationship between the students, teachers and parents. “We all like supporting each other in this community, so whenever somebody wins something we always cheer each other on,” says student Adrienne Kantrowitz. “When it comes to the football games, you have students, some teachers, supporting the team, and they come from all over and makes the community bond,” adds student Giovanni JeanPierre.
The district says its puts pride for its community, diversity and students at the top of the priority list. Students say their diversity and ability to come together as a community sets them apart from other schools. “We have from Hispanics, Asians, blacks, whites, pretty [much from] all over. I don't think any school could match Ossining's energy,” says JeanPierre.