Second wave of virus puts New Rochelle back in COVID-19 spotlight

Part of the city is in a yellow zone with a current seven-day positivity rate of nearly 6%.

News 12 Staff

Dec 7, 2020, 7:51 PM

Updated 1,323 days ago


As coronavirus cases surge in Westchester, people are looking to New Rochelle, the epicenter of the nation's outbreak, for guidance to get through this latest wave.
Heading into the weekend, Westchester added nearly 800 new coronavirus cases including nearly 10% of that in New Rochelle alone.
Part of the city is in a yellow zone with a current seven-day positivity rate of nearly 6%.
Schools remain remote through Dec. 9 with high schoolers staying home until further notice.
And nurses at Montefiore New Rochelle still say they're locked out following a two-day strike.
This city was once the model for how to control the virus but now the lesson may be that this wave can return anywhere. “It’s very concerning. We have seen a significant increase in the last couple’s not unique to New Rochelle, it tracks what we are experiencing across the region and its evidence that many of us have started to let down our guard. This is behavioral. We knows what causes the spread of the virus, we know what controls the spread of the virus. It up to each of us to act responsibly so we can through what will be a difficult winter and hopefully to a better spring,” says Mayor Noam Bramson.
Bramson says he can't rule out the state moving New Rochelle into an orange zone but adds he has not heard that's happening just yet. "If we wear our mask, if we keep our distance, if we stay home when we're sick, we get tested when we think we've been exposed -- those are the things each of us come to take as individuals to protect ourselves, protect our families, and protect our community."

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