Seniors sign petition against dog park to be built near Yonkers community center

Seniors who attend a community center in Yonkers are concerned about a dog park set to be placed next to their building.
In the past week, close to 300 people have signed a petition to put a moratorium on Yonkers' plans to build a dog run right next to the Bernice Spreckman Community Center on McLean Avenue.
Some of the problems cited involve noise and parking, but the main issue involves pet dander allergies.
However, some of the seniors' issues aren't with the dogs themselves, it's about location.
While the community center's members continue to voice their concerns, City Councilmember John Rubbo says Yonkers has done its research to make sure everyone is safe.
"In talking to allergists, they said that there is enough proximity, and because it's outdoors that it really won't affect people," Rubbo says. "We already have dogs that are running right along this path here on this ballfield and so, it's within a similar proximity to the bocci court and some of the areas that the seniors use outdoors."
The dog run is said to be part of a larger $600,000 project that will also see the seniors get a brand-new pavilion while fixing some problems with the interior of their building
The plans for the dog run are not set to be finalized until the other parts of the project have been completed.