Sleepy raccoon wakes up in Warwick CVS; 5th raccoon to be removed from store

A raccoon was found sleeping on top of a shelf inside a Warwich CVS Saturday morning.
It was the fifth raccoon to be removed from the store in the last several weeks.
Tom Herrmann, of the Wildlife Nuisance Removal Service, says the raccoon entered the store through a rotting roof.
"Supposedly they had someone there to fix it, but I guess they found another way in," says Herrmann.
So far, Herrmann has released three of the masked bandits from the store and says more can get it if it doesn't take necessary precautions.
News 12 is told no one was hurt and no food or medications were compromised,
CVS says they are working with pest control services and others to keep those raccoons out.
Wildlife Nuisance Removal Services says they were able to capture and release the racoon back into the wild about five miles away.