President Joe Biden to make a stop in Dutchess County this week

President Joe Biden plans to make a stop in Dutchess County this week. 
The president will make a stop at IBM in Poughkeepsie on Thursday, as well as stops in New York City and Red Bank, New Jersey.
In Poughkeepsie, Biden will visit IBM and deliver remarks on creating jobs in the Hudson Valley, lowering costs, and ensuring the future is made in America. 
IBM released the following statement: IBM is deeply honored to host President Biden at our Poughkeepsie site later this week and looks forward to highlighting our commitments to the innovations that advance America’s economy. The technology that IBM delivers today from Poughkeepsie will directly benefit from the recently-passed CHIPS Act. That measure also will help advance new breakthroughs critical to the site's role as the nation's leading quantum computation center.