South Bronx residents: Bus-route changes not fair

The Department of Transportation has started on a major road reconstruction at the Hub in the South Bronx, causing several buses to divert their routes.
The overhaul of the roads at the Hub on 149th Street is a project ultimately meant to provide smoother traffic flow and enhance pedestrian safety. But the construction is causing buses to be rerouted, eliminating normal bus stops.
?I don't think it?s fair. I think they should just put it back,? Maria Drach says about the routes that have been changed, some prematurely. ?It's very much an inconvenience for everybody, especially the senior citizens in this area.?
People who live along Melrose Avenue say they have been especially affected because the Bx 2 bus that used to service riders along the strip will no longer use that path, forcing people to walk six blocks to access public transportation.
Local residents say they plan to present a petition to Metropolitan Transportation Authority officials. They say they want to get the MTA to reverse its decision on the eliminated bus routes.