Chappaqua restaurant known for Spanish food switches up menu for Rosh Hashana

Ibiza Kitchen in Chappaqua is known for its Spanish food, but today’s menu is catering to those celebrating Rosh Hashana.
"We have a big Jewish influence in Spain, they've been there for a long time,” says owner Ignacio Blanco.
The decision to change the menu aims to increase business and also support the community.
Blanco tells News 12 the restaurant has a lot of Jewish clientele, so he tries to help out.
The to-go meal includes hot matzo ball soup, grilled salmon, brisket, sautéed veggies and a plethora of sides to choose from.
Employees are prepared to cook 150 meals this weekend, according to the owner.
"We try to help as much as we can. In difficult times, it's tough for some people,” says Blanco. "I wish everybody a very happy Rosh Hashana."