Spano says radiation levels low in Indian Point water leak

Recent radiation leaks at Indian Point do not pose any health threat, according to Westchester County Executive Andy.Spano tried to calm people?s fears during a high-level summit meeting with federal, state and local experts to get answers on the radioactive isotopes found in the groundwater at the nuclear power plants. Water samples were taken from the plants last fall for testing. At that time, the isotope tritium was discovered in the ground water. Recently, there has been concern that information about the isotope strontium 90 being found near the leak did not become known until just last week. Congresswomen Sue Kelly (R-Katonah) and Nita Lowy (D-Harrison) are sponsoring legislation aimed at making sure information about radiation leaks are revealed sooner. Entergy spokesman Jim Steets, however, says the company already has been doing that. Related stories Indian Point leak sparks fears of Hudson River contamination Indian Point owner assures public radioactive leak poses no danger Radioactive water leaking at Indian Point