Spring Valley man finds cockroach in food at Nanuet Mall

A Spring Valley man was disgusted after discovering a live cockroach in his food while eating a meal at the Nanuet Mall.
John Wilson says he found the roach in a bag of fries that came with a Philly cheese steak meal from Nathan?s at the mall?s food court. When Wilson complained to the manager at Nathan?s, he says they denied it. As a result of Wilson?s complaint, the Rockland County Health Department did conduct an investigation. Health officials say they found between 40 and 50 dead baby cockroaches and hundreds of mouse droppings inside the Blimpies, which closed down two months ago. Blimpies shares a common hallway with Nathan's.
The health department will be sending a letter to the Nanuet Mall requesting the Blimpies be cleaned up. Since the roaches and mouse droppings were not found inside Nathan's they will not receive a violation.