Spring Valley mayor demands overcharge refund of incorrect tax bills

The mayor of Spring Valley is demanding that residents receive a full overcharge refund after the village made an error and sent out incorrect tax bills.
Spring Valley officials admitted they issued incorrect tax bills after a calculation error made by the treasurer's office. The error comes after the village did away with its tax assessor's office.
Annie, a 98-year-old resident, says she was flabbergasted after receiving a nearly 40 percent increase on her bill.
Spring Valley Mayor Demeza Delhomme says he is not going to let taxpayers suffer and that he plans to send out a letter to residents Friday explaining that village tax bills only went up just 0.34 percent from the previous year and that the bills were incorrect.
Delhomme says residents who already paid the wrong bill will be eligible to get a full refund of the overcharge, but the village Board of Trustees has not yet approved this.
"The board passed a resolution to give the taxpayers 75 percent of their money they were charged unfairly. Normally, the board would have to approve it. They already voted to keep 25 percent of the taxpayers money,” says trustee Emilia White.
The mayor says he plans to hold a meeting with the board regarding the full refund, but that won't be until after he sends a letter out to residents.