Spring Valley police accused of brutality after cellphone video surfaces

Community leaders are demanding action be taken after viewing cellphone video that allegedly shows a violent altercation between a police officer and a local resident.
In the video, the officer is allegedly seen knocking an unarmed man to the ground. Wilbur Alridge, the regional director of the NAACP, called the video "horrific" and said it looks like police brutality.
The alleged altercation took place nearly two weeks ago at the Spring Valley Bus and Train Depot. Police say the man in the video was angry with the police officer for giving him a ticket for an open container. The man allegedly addressed the officer in Creole, before the officer knocked him to the ground.
Spring Valley Police Chief Paul Modica says he has opened up his own investigation. He says the officer in the video, a three-year veteran, does not have a prior disciplinary record. The officer has been placed on desk duty until the investigation is over.
Police are looking for anyone who witnessed the incident.