St. John’s Riverside Hospital issues reminder not to delay doctor appointments

A Yonkers hospital is reminding people to not delay visiting their doctor if they are feeling ill.
Hospital officials say some patients have not returned for screenings and maintenance care due to COVID-19 concerns. But they say St. John’s Riverside Hospital is a safe place to visit and that everyone has their temperature checked.
"We want people to get treated if they have any concerns whatsoever. Fear of acquiring COVID in the hospital should not be something that keeps you home,” says Dr. Raffaele Milizia of the St. John’s Riverside emergency department. “You should act on your instincts and seek medical care as soon as possible."
All rooms that housed any infectious disease patients are thoroughly cleaned with an ultraviolet rapid disinfector and electro-static sprayers.
"Our goal has been to make this as safe as a place as possible, and we've succeeded. I feel as comfortable coming to work here every day as I do being in a public place,” says Dr. Milizia.
During the initial coronavirus outbreak, St. John’s Riverside was at the epicenter. Back in May, the hospital discharged its 750th COVID-19 patient.
Hospital officials say anyone accessing the emergency room who is suspected of having coronavirus is immediately isolated. “Either outside, or in a negative pressure room, so that they can be cared for, but isolated from patients who do not have those similar kind of symptoms,” says Dr. Milizia.