State law targeting credit card surcharges, cash discounts takes effect

A new state law went into effect Sunday that will help increase transparency for New Yorkers who pay by credit card and are charged a surcharge fee.
The new law requires business owners to either advertise the higher credit card price as the standard or display both a credit card price and a cash price.
“Honesty and transparency for any customer at any place is a yes for me," said Corie Kevelson, of Westbury.
Plainview shopper Steven Saunders agreed.
"I think it was underhanded. You think you are paying $3.99 for a product and then it comes out to $4.27. I think it's a good policy," he said.
Businesses in violation of the new law face a fine up to $500. Consumers who believed they were charged illegally can file a complaint with the New York State Division of Consumer Protection.
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