State of Hate: Report shines spotlight on extent of Hudson Valley racism

An eye-opening report is shedding light on rising racial tensions in Hudson Valley neighborhoods.
News 12 data proves that hate against the African American community is intensifying in the Hudson Valley, but advocates are fighting back against the injustice.
The Turn To Tara team recently conducted a 10-year analysis of the "State of Hate" across the Hudson Valley, combing through thousands of public records, police reports and archival footage to create a database named "Hate at Home."
The findings paint an ugly picture of rising racial tensions in local neighborhoods and include 265 acts of intolerance targeting African Americans dating back to 2010. Those range from hate-fueled road rage to offensive social media posts.
While the data suggests the local surge in hate began intensifying shortly after the last presidential election, 2020 has by far seen the most troubling spike in a decade.
News 12 tracked 16 anti-African American incidents in the past six months - triple the amount from last year.
A total of 10% of those occurrences involved school-aged students.
A group of fed up teenagers in Mamaroneck recently rallied outside their school to plead for change, including bias training for teachers and a more racially sensitive curriculum for students.
The town board in Mahopac even passed a resolution this month condemning all forms of racism.
Community activists are also speaking up, demanding the data serves as a wake-up call for people in power.