State officials await vote on congestion pricing plan

Officials in Albany say they haven't given up hope on reaching an agreement on Mayor Bloomberg's congestion pricing plan.The state Assembly is on standby with members waiting to return to vote on the plan. Governor Spitzer (D-NY) has been holding talks with aides representing leaders and the mayor in hopes of rescuing the plan, which has missed the deadline for federal funding. Negotiators say they hope that if there is a blueprint soon, that the city would still be eligible for $500 million to improve mass transit. Some lawmakers are concerned that the mayor's plan would have a negative impact on suburban and outer-borough commuters. Others say they are worried that the congestion pricing plan will cause areas just outside the congestion pricing zone to become parking and traffic nightmares.The plan would charge drivers entering parts of Manhattan $8 during certain hours of the week. Bloomberg says the plan would generate millions for the city, some of which would go toward mass transit improvements. Environmentalists contend the plan will also help improve air quality. Related Information Compromise possible in congestion pricing plan Report blasts mayor's congestion pricing plan