State trooper saves missing frostbitten driver after plow buries car in snow

A state trooper saved a man buried beneath the snow for hours in this week's storm.
State police say Troop C Sgt. Jason Cawley received a report for a disabled car on route 17-C in the Town of Owego but couldn't find it. The car, with 53-year-old Kevin Kresen inside, had been buried by several feet of snow by passing plows.
After hours of searching, Cawley says he found the car digging by hand.
"I banged on the window to see if anyone was in there," says Cawley. "And he said, 'Yes, I'm in here, and I can't feel my feet.' So I knew it was a medical emergency."
State police say the driver was stranded inside the car for 10 hours and suffered hypothermia and frostbite as a result. He is expected to be OK though.