State trooper shares experience at Orange County bus crash scene

State police are sharing their experiences first arriving to the bus crash scene in Orange County. They say it was mayhem. When they got down the 50-foot ravine, they saw children scattered around, crying, and asking for their parents. Troopers worked to comfort and care for them. "Every piece of hair on my body was standing up, the goosebumps, when you hear children. The hundreds and hundreds of accidents I've responded to over 20 years on the road, priority children and responding there was...If my children were on a school trip and I just wanted to make sure they all got home safely or to the hospital to be treated," says New York State Trooper Jason Lewis. Troopers say this crash will remain with them forever and that the response was a team effort between all first responders in the area. "When I got home about 9 p.m., I gave my 22-year-old son a big hug and I sent my daughter, who's up in college, a little text of 'I love you,''' says Lewis.
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