Store owners concerned about e-cigarette rules

The popularity of electronic cigarettes has not only lead to an ever-growing pool of products, but also calls for a closer look into how they should be regulated.
The owner of Smart Vape in Throgs Neck says electronic cigarettes mean big business for his store. He says his shop on East Tremont Avenue gets a steady stream of customers all looking for the latest and greatest product in a booming industry.
Lawmakers and doctors have cautioned against the belief that e-cigarettes are a totally safe alternative to traditional cigarettes, especially when it comes to kids.
Back in April, however, the FDA proposed new rules. These include recommending mandatory ingredient reporting, a nicotine warning label and a nationwide ban on sales to minors.
Since Smart Vape's customers are ex-cigarette smokers, the owner says he doesn't want regulators to overreach.
As of now, the legal age to buy e-cigarettes in New York City is 21. Last year, the City Council passed a ban on smoking them in public places where regular cigarettes are prohibited.