Early morning showers before sunny afternoon for the Hudson Valley on Saturday

News 12 Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Julian Seawright says the Hudson Valley will see the rain come to an end in the morning before a sunny afternoon settles in.
NOW: Rain clears out as some remnants of flood issues and light drizzles.
NEXT: Could see another round of rain potentially overnight and into Saturday before things clear out Saturday afternoon.
OVERNIGHT -- STORM WATCH: Cloudy with periods of rain and ongoing areas of flooding. Rain begins to slowly taper off into early Saturday morning. Lows around 56 degrees.
SATURDAY: Early showers end by around 8 a.m. Clouds break for sunshine. Highs around 68 degrees.
SATURDAY NIGHT: Partly cloudy and cool. Low temperatures near the mid-50s.
SUNDAY: Sunny and warmer with highs around 75 degrees. Lows around 60 degrees.
MONDAY: Mostly sunny and warm with highs around 76 degrees. Lows around 58 degrees.
TUESDAY: Sunny and warm with highs around 77 degrees. Lows near 59 degrees.
WEDNESDAY: Mostly sunny and warm with highs around 76 degrees. Lows near 58 degrees.
THURSDAY: Mostly sunny with highs around 72 degrees. Lows near 60 degrees.
FRIDAY: Partly cloudy with highs around 73 degrees. Lows near 59 degrees.
SATURDAY: Mostly cloudy with periods of rain possible. Highs around 67 degrees. Lows near 53 degrees.
SUNDAY: Sun and clouds. Highs around 64 degrees. lows around 49 degrees.